VOC Spring Meeting 2015

The Dutch/Flemish classification society (VOC) announces its 2015 Spring Meeting to be held on May 29th at the Radboud University in Nijmegen.

For more details and registration, please see the meeting information page.

Farewell Prof. P.M. Kroonenberg

On November 14, 2014 professor P.M. Kroonenberg, professor of multivariate analysis, in particular of three-way data, celebrated his retirement from the department of Child and Family Studies, part of the Institute of Education and Child Studies, Leiden University. Festivities started with a symposium titled “A Celebration of Multiway Analysis”, discussing multiway methods in different fields of research, including research on the methodology itself.
Both speakers and participants originated from all over the world, including (in random order): Japan, Australia, USA, Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Czech Republik and Italy.
Topics were related to chemistry, metabolomics, signal processing, psychology, agriculture, closed form and iterative solutions, contributions from Japan and how two-way problems could be approached (better) using thinking from multiway methods. Details about the program, speakers and the abstracts can still be retrieved from this website.

Later that same afternoon prof. Kroonenberg gave his Dutch farewell lecture titled “De driewegwereld kent geen grenzen” (The Threeway world has no boundaries) in the traditional Large Auditorium at the Academy Building. With an audience of about 200, he spoke about history (referring back to the inaugural lecture in 2005), current state of affairs, referring to experts in the aforementioned fields of research and application, and future directions and ideas in multiway analysis. An example on musical data was supported by a live demonstration on the pipe organ. After two personal speeches addressing prof. Kroonenberg, further celebrations took place throughout the evening. In prof. Kroonenberg's own words: "This was such a wonderful day: I would not mind retiring again."

Prof. Pieter M. Kroonenberg remains affiliated with the Institute of Education and Child Studies as a guest researcher for at least the near future.

25 Year Jubilee meeting 2014

The Dutch/Flemish classification society (VOC) celebrated its 25th anniversary with a Jubilee Meeting on November 6-7, 2014 in the beautiful Abbey Hotel Rolduc at Kerkrade (The Netherlands). We had an impressive program with excellent contributions covering both theory and applications of ordination and classification with a broad spectrum of applications: Daniel Oberski (Model fit evaluation by sensitivity analysis), Lianne Ippel (Estimating multi-level models in data-streams), Jeroen Jansen (Revealing the information within Flow Cytometry data using advanced and dedicated Chemometrics), Marieke Timmerman (Unraveling multivariate effects resulting from an experimental design), Paul Eilers (Generalized exponential tilting), Jelle Goeman (Two folklores: ridge regression versus the lasso), Willem Heiser (From Preference Mapping to Preference Learning, with an Example of a Prediction Tree for Rankings), Lieven de Lathauwer (Tensor decompositions: golden tools for data mining), Christian Hennig (Flexible parametric bootstrap for testing homogeneity against clustering and assessing the number of clusters), Marco Riani (Robust Modern Multivariate Data Analysis and Classification), Patrick Groenen (Some Recent Biplots Approaches), and Denny Borsboom (All quiet on the psychometric front? Goals and challenges for 21st century psychometrics).

These presentations were followed by animated discussions. After 25 years, the VOC is still very much alive and kicking!

Katrijn Van Deun

The Jubilee meeting program is still available here.
The book of abstracts can be found here.

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